Health/Wellness From The Inside Out 

You want health and wellness in your life, right? Unfortunately most people wait for something bad to happen to them before they’re willing to make some changes. So let’s get started, shall we! 

We all want beautiful and radiant skin. We want to fight off diseases and age gracefully while looking good and feeling great.

Anti-aging products and services may be on the rise but I prefer to age naturally. You are not likely to see me lining up for a botox injection any time soon. If you are, that’s okay. It’s just not for me. So what am I doing? 


I’m doing the best anti-aging possible!

After writing my book, Anew You Style Journal, I wanted to experience what I was asking of my readers. I set goals for myself in the month of December – 31 Days to Dream Big in all 6 categories….including health!  I understood the power behind writing things down. That’s why my book is a journal. It adds clarity and makes your changes more likely to come to fruition.

Before long, it happened to me! My health and wellness took over and I made drastic changes to my diet – or what I prefer to all it – my lifestyle. I’m living a more vegan (mostly raw) lifestyle, and loving it! I have more energy, sleep better, overall feeling of well-being, reduced sugar cravings, more clarity and my body thanks me every day. I lost 15 pounds in less than 3 months – without trying. 

Please take a look at my recommendations. See how easy it is for you to love your body from the inside out. 


Tower Garden and Juice PLUS+

Juice PLUS+ is the easiest way to eat more fruits and vegetables. It’s even great for people (like me!), even athletes,  who are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Think of it as a salad bar in a capsule!

Juice PLUS+ products are whole foods with a nutrition (food) label, NOT a supplement with a vitamin label.  Truly the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables. 

Juice Plus+ for wellnes



And….maybe you would like to take it even further (like me!)

Grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables all year round. Learn how!

Tower Garden for your wellness


I joined this company after I personally invested in a garden tower. I can grow herbs and leafy greens in my living room all winter long! Not everyone will be inclined to do what I’m doing. What I like about Juice PLUS+ is that it has a food label, not a supplement/vitamin label. Obviously organic, raw foods are best but this is the next best thing. 

Contact me if you any questions. I’m here to help! Send me an email or leave me a message on the links above.