Your Personal Stylist

Is it time for a change? Tired of watching everyone climb the ladder of success, and not you?

Are you looking for a new look, a wardrobe that you will love to wear, do you have a closet filled with clothes, but nothing to wear?

Feeling down, need to boost your self-esteem, become more confident; are you looking for Anew You?

If you want to create change in your life but looking outside yourself, please STOP. Take a  moment to look into a mirror and face the person who holds all the power to create change in your life – YOU!

Change ALWAYS starts with you.

Your Personal Stylist
Wilma Haerkens

How I Can Help You....

image consulting (online and face-to-face!)

wardrobe consulting (purging, editing, assessment, analysis, planning, altering and organizing recommendations)

personalized shopping


online store…

  • Wilma Haerkens’ cosmetics
  • Wilma’s book; Anew You Style Journal
  • subscriptions and more!

Anew You Style Journal

Anew You Style Journal, my first book, is a fun, easy and economical way to help you….

  • push YOURSELF past your comfort zone
  • make over YOUR wardrobe
  • improve YOUR style
  • build YOUR self esteem
  • boost YOUR confidence

All you need to do is follow my 12 easy to follow steps, one per month.


SECRET Facebook group has been created just for my readers. Yes, I’m there to help you month to month. Post videos/pictures, ask questions – just follow my lead.

I love helping you focus on the most important person on this planet – YOU! Add the “Book plus SECRET FB Group have your book shipped to your door – worldwide.

I encourage all my readers to give me your comments as you work through your Anew You Style Journal. Click here to share your feedback with me. 

My book has 12 steps, one per month, but you can start any time and set your own pace.

About my program…

  • monthly worksheets
  • de-clutter and organize your closet
  • get the most value from your wardrobe
  • reflect on your style
  • get inspired by the latest trends
  • start any time – any month – any day
  • become Anew YOU …without spending a dime!

Click here to purchase your copy of my book today!

If you would like a more “hands on” and personalized approach, please contact me for a consultation.

About Personal Stylist

Boost your self image and self-confidence with a fashion and style makeover with Wilma or join her style team!

Feel confident in the way you look and feel. Start attracting what you want in your personal and professional life. Imagine your confidence!

Image consulting at its best with online consulting services!

CLICK HERE TO CONTACT WILMA or call 613.741.1151

Wardrobe Consulting

Edit and clear your wardrobe of any unflattering garments. Learn what’s working, what’s NOT working and why with a wardrobe analysis and assessment.

Personal Shopping

We teach you how to dress for success by shopping with you. Build a figure flattering wardrobe with your personal shopper.

Body Shape Analysis

Understand your unique body shape and learn how to balance out your shape and dress for success.

Personal Stylist, Help Me!