About Wilma

Wilma Haerkens is the owner and ignition source for Personal Stylist.  She has dedicated her life and work to showing people ways to present their best image every day! We can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. An entrepreneur for over 30 years Wilma has worked as a makeup artist, fashion stylist, hair stylist, and fashion consultant.

When clients first meet Wilma they are enchanted by her warmth, her friendly, approachable manner and her wildly captivating sense of humour. She is clearly a woman who loves what she does. Whether you’re looking for a makeover that will be flamboyant or classic, Wilma will guide you, gently and with great care, to the colours and styles that suit you and make you look your personal best on every occasion, and every day.

Wilma is the stylish, confident and knowledgeable sister we all wish we had; a stylist who cares about how her clients feel as much as about how they look.

Due to her vast experience and knowledge in her field because she’s devoted her life in the beauty and fashion industry, she’s most likely, the stylist you’ve been looking for!

Mission Statement

To inspire, enlighten and create your divine image for anyone wanting to experience confidence, personal growth and change in their lives.

Personal Stylist Publishing

Wilma published her first book in 2014; Anew You Style Journal!

Life changing results in 12 steps!

Boost your confidence, improve your image, set goals, de-clutter and organize your closet with her 12-step program, one per month. Start making better choices, stop the emotional shopping and wasting dollars and start filling your closet with clothes you love to wear!

Order your book online, on Amazon, or through our Ambassadors and retailers. Contact Wilma if you would like to retail her book. Ideal for hair salon, spas and boutiques.

Wilma has created workshops based on her book and looking for facilitators. Bring Wilma’s workshops to your home, office or city.

CLICK HERE TO CONTACT WILMA or call 613.741.1151

Wilma’s Webmaster​

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If you need assistance, please feel free to email me anytime.”

John Haerkens, Technical Support