My First Book – Anew You Style Journal

Funny how some things start out as being one thing and before you know it, it turns into something entirely different. I started out with my Monthly Style Program in January – the subject of my last blog. I was going to work on the first three months, stop, and get back to clearing items on my to-do list.

My idea at that time was to create downloadable files, one per month, with tips and tricks from my 30 years as an entrepreneur and a personal stylist.

It grew into something a bit bigger than that. I started a company called Personal Stylist Publishing and published my first book – Anew You Style Journal.  On April 12th I found myself launching my book at the Canadian Author Association book fest.

It’s been a journey and writing my first book definitely pushed my comfort zone.  If you read my first blog, you would know that.  My book will not only push your comfort zone with its 12 easy to follow steps, one per month, but it will also help you build self esteem and improve your style. What’s even better is that you can set your own pace and start anytime.

I’m a big one for “vision boards” so one of my favourite months, is December.  This is when you set goals and Dream Big.  I knew I put the idea of writing a book out there at some point – but I thought that’s all it was – a thought.   What really surprised me was when I found a list, dated September 2013.  On it, were the words “published my first book” – notice how it’s written! A thought became a dream, written on my vision board as if it already happened, which took form in a 3D-ring black binder with a self-help workbook insert –  Anew You Style Journal  

My book is available through my website under store.

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