January’s Monthly Style Program

January, it’s Anew YOU Year and we hope our Monthly Style Program is just the tool you are looking for to help you create a new you this year.

Months ago, I was handing out invitations for my Anew You Showcase. I presented it to a stranger who was clearly put together and stylish. I told her she didn’t really need a new you. I loved her response “we can always use a new you”. My point exactly! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

For many of us, January is when we make all those New Year’s resolutions, making and breaking promises to ourselves to stop/start  this or that in hopes of improving our lifestyle. January sounded like the perfect month to start a closet purge by releasing items from precious years that will not serve you in the New Year.  Simply remove one item per day for the month of January and place it in its appropriate pile; trash it, give it or fix it. You can separate your give pile into two piles, one for charity and the other for consignment. 1

My Monthly Style Guide will help you day by day, month to month, towards Anew You this year.  Follow me on twitter for Wednesday tweets with reminders and tips to keep you on track throughout your monthly transformations.

I will be following my own program right along with you. Experiencing it first hand. The questions I will be asking myself will be: Was the program easy to follow? Was it helpful? How did it make me feel?  Was I inspired to create change?

So far, for me it’s been quite easy but then again, I do this on a regular basis. I printed out my January Style Guide worksheet and I’m checking it off.  After one week, I have half the month done. You can do take the program day by day, do it all at once or at any pace that works best for you. Just do it!

1 We will be adding a consignment program to Image Club for new and nearly new items.

2 January Style Guide worksheet will be available through Image Club soon.

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