Choose 1 – 4 seasons (3 months per season). Get a NEW postcard every month along with a few random ones and stylelicious surprise(s) every season (one per season).

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KISS subscription

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Receive a NEW KISS postcard in your mailbox every month and a stylelicious surprise every season.

Postcards will inspire you and enlightening you with style tips and tricks from your fashion stylist to help you avoid fashion faux pas and follow fashion trends.

It’s fun and interactive – KISS subscribers can enter contents and submit pictures too!

Pay it forward by mailing postcards to your Canadian friends. If they subscribe too, you both get a special gift in the mail.

Choose from 1 – 4 seasons (3, 6, 9 or 12 months).

Stylelicious surprises are mailed in March, June, September and December.  Your subscription is mailed mid month – around the 15th of the month. You can register anytime but your first subscription will begin on the following month.  For example: If you registered any day in January, your first subscription will be mailed to you in the month of February.

The retail value of your stylelicious surprises each season will be a minimum of $15 including Wilma Haerkens’ cosmetics and much more!

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Choose 1,2,3 or 4 seasons

$8.99/mth for 4 seasons, $9.99/mth for 3 seasons, $10.99/mth for 2 seasons, $11.99/mth for 1 season


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