Take the First Step!

“WOW…thanks for the reminder of where I was to where I am. Much Improved!!” ~ Heather F., Pembroke

More confident and put together is the goal whenever I’m working with a client. Sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves or see how far we’ve come. I saw it immediately when we met up at the shopping center but Heather may have needed a reminder.

Are you willing to take the first step like Heather did?

So how do you get started? My Anew You Starter Package is the perfect way to begin.  It includes an in-home (Ottawa) consultation, a style questionnaire, body shape analysis, style tip card (for your unique shape) and your before photo (so you too can track your progress!) You also receive a copy of my first book, Anew You Style Journal, to help build your style and self-awareness.

If you are like Heather and live out-of-town, you can travel to Ottawa or ask about how you can get me to your city.  All you need to do is get a group of ladies together and I’ll come out to you. The amount of people required in your group will be dependent on your location. Please ask for more information.

Heather would make a perfect Personal Stylist Ambassador after using our services. Join and increase your income with finder’s fees, commissions and residual income. Enjoy some wholesale shopping too. Intrigued? Sound like something you might be interested in?  Click on the link and JOIN TODAY!

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