Many Thanks

We love hearing back from our makeover clients and it gives us great pleasure to share their fabulous testimonials! Enjoy reading a little bit about them and their words to us.

Take the First Step!

Before & After Photo: left (1st meeting) & right (1yr. later ready for another shopping trip).  More after pictures to follow in our Photo Gallery. Learn more about Heather on my blog

“WOW…thanks for the reminder of where I was to where I am. Much Improved!!

- Heather F.
Pembroke, ON
Stylin’ Gets Easier​

“I got in touch with Wilma because it was taking me too long to get dressed in the morning for work or to go out for the evening. I have some really nice pieces, but nothing seemed to go together. I also hated shopping — I would go out for a couple of hours, feel overwhelmed and like I had wasted my time, and then end up with a so-so sweater or maybe nothing. Plus, I knew that some of my clothes were too big. With Wilma’s help, I learned about what proportions work best for my body. I have a better idea now of what to look for when I go shopping, what will work for me, so this cuts down the time at guess work. I love colour — blues, greens, purples — but I also learned from Wilma about the importance of neutrals and prints — to have a mix of these in your wardrobe. Now it takes me very little time to get dressed for work or to go out at night because I have a number of options that coordinate effortlessly. The investment I made has been worth it!

- Aspa K.
Ottawa, ON
First “Fall” Workshop

“Thanks for your enlightening advice and inspirational ideas!” Ainslie W., Kanata, ON

“The book looks amazing.” Cathy B., Orleans, ON

“A Fun, friendly way to force you to re-evaluate your look.” Jacquie D., Winchester, ON

“Wilma is amazing!!” Johanna M., Orleans, ON

“Very interesting and inspiring!” Linda P., Ottawa, ON

“It left me feeling optimistic about being able to make more improvements and keep it up.” Lisa L., Ottawa, ON

“Great workshop!” Lisa R., Orleans, ON

“Enjoyable, informative, education about yourself.” Noreen W., Ottawa, ON

“Wilma is a very knowledgeable presenter in her field of creating confidence through improving style.” Penny Lee P., Limoges, ON

“I love that Wilma is genuine and real.” Sharon J., Gloucester, ON

“I find Wilma to be extremely interesting and fabulous!!!” Simone D., Orleans, ON

“I want to live in your closet!” Sheila M., Russell, ON

“Thank you Wilma! I look forward to achieving the 12 steps to Anew me!” Susan N., Rockland, ON

“Thanks Wilma for inviting me to your fun & very informative workshop.” Toby E., Stittsville, ON

- Testimonials From Guests
Host Your Own A New You ‘Seasonal’ Workshop!

One of my readers hosted Anew You workshop for her book club. Since it was in July, she hosted an Anew You SUMMER Workshop, which was officially my first workshop based on my book. I was honored to receive my first testimonial after my first A  New You Workshop from one of her guests.  Thank you Karen!

“Wilma offers excellent information to ensure a balanced look for all body types. Her 30 years of expertise is evident as she offers suggestions related to body type, hair, and fashion.

You won’t be disappointed!”

- Karen B.
Ottawa, ON
Are you serious! Really – red?​

I know at the moment when I’m suggesting a drastic change like this one, that I’m pushing my clients’ comfort zone.   They don’t see what I see but I’m grateful when they trust me and move forward.  The unknown can be a pretty scary but so worth it in the end! Wow, what a gorgeous a new you!

“Thank you so much, I am so glad that you changed my hair colour!  I’ve had numerous comments on my colour and how well it suits my skin and eyes.   I was a blonde all my life but I would not change it back to blonde again!   I look younger with my red hair and I just love it.”

…..and after Wendy purchased my book, Anew You Style Journal

“It was simple, easy to understand and informative. I plan to lose 50lbs with our new weight management program.  I’ve already lost 11 lbs!  I want to de-clutter my closet and reward my success with new clothes.  I only want the clothes that really work for me so the book was really timely for me!  I know my style and how I want to look.”

Wendy keeps up her makeover!…

“Just today another lady stopped me and remarked about the colour of my red hair. She said I reminded her of an actress she knew. It has been more than two years since you asked to change my hair colour and I have never regretted your decision. I love my hair colour and people remark to me often about my hair. Last week I was at the Farmer’s Market and a vendor remarked about how much she likes my hair colour and style. Thank you Wilma for having the great insight to suggest to me to change my hair from blonde to red. It has been great fun.

Unplanned, Unexpected Makeover​

“I absolutely have to share the wonderful input I’ve received since you worked your magic on my hair. I’ve had nothing but compliments, ranging from ‘WOW!’ to ‘You look years younger!’ I even notice strangers turning to look as I walk past them.

I LOVE my new red colour so much – it makes me feel vibrant and alive and absolutely fabulous all of the time. I thought I was confident before but you have given me a new confidence that is making my interactions with other people much more positive. Thank you for convincing me that grey hair is not my friend – I was resigned to it even though I disliked it. And the way you perked up my cut is so pretty and feminine, I don’t quite know how to adequately express my happiness with the results. I’m smiling so much more now; I can’t wait to surprise my family with the changes.

See you again for more improvements. My daughter is really excited too about having you help her with her personal style! A million thank-you’s!!!”

- Lisa L.
Ottawa, ON
$1,000 Showcase Winner!​

“On May 4th, two girlfriends and I enjoyed a wonderful day at the PS Image Club Showcase, the small, intimate show held at the Chimo Inn, where parking was free. The show layout gave us lots of room to move around, and the seating area in the middle was a welcomed spot to sit and relax while watching the fashion show and demos. We were able to spend unhurried time chatting with the well-informed business reps. An unexpected bonus was my winning the $1000 makeover and being able to customize my prize from a list of different services and products. Overall, we had a great time and are looking forward to the next showcase!”

- Laurie S.
White Lake, Ontario
Trusting Wilma

“I put my trust in Wilma’s hands and glad I did. I got nothing but compliments from every person I saw. I didn’t even tell my family I was getting my hair done so they were shocked and everyone LOVES it, even my husband. My daughter says I look like a teenage!

It feels so good, so much lighter and I feel BETTER.”

From Nunavut

With a quest for adventure, Tinah adds a makeover with Wilma to her holidays while in Ottawa.

“It’s amazing how people are talking to me so much since the makeover. Sales staff are more friendly, a man said hello for no reason when I walked past him in the hotel lobby. Wow! AND! I have a second date on Thursday night with a man I met in Ottawa.”

- Tinah R.
Iqaluit, Nunavut
Online Makeovers, Really!!!​

Anne-Marie reached out for our help as we successful fulfilled her needs. You will find her chapter ‘Online Makeover’ coming soon to our Image Club Style Guide. Virtual or in person, we know we’ll be pushing you out of your comfort zone, “I have to admit, this is a little unnerving for me, but I’m going out there and giving it a good try. Thank you for all your support. Wish me luck, ’cause here I go!!!”

We’ve clearly indicated her rules so we LOVED hearing this, “I met a really knowledgeable sales person. I have to say, though, that if she deviated from your recommendations, the pieces did not look right. I wish you could have been here.”

“It was a pleasure to work with you and I learned so much. I think what I learned the most was if I’m happy with myself, I’m happier with everyone else. Looking after me first is not a selfish thing to do because it makes me a better person and I can give more of me to others because I now have the energy and confidence.”

Our job is so much bigger than finding clothes that you’ll love to wear but also building confidence and a better self image. “Now that I know what to look for, I have more confidence and don’t worry about walking into a store. Thank you so much.”

- Anne-Marie
Cochrane, Ontario
Sisters Share A ‘Day With A Fashion Stylist’​

Sister coming for a visit from out-of-town and Marian organizes an educational and fun day for her and her sister to share.

“Thank you once again for a great personal styling experience. What a great way to spend time with my sister during her stay here in Ottawa. My sister and I really enjoyed all of the various activities and found them very enlightening. We are excited about the new ideas, future purchases and making some of our current pieces a little more figure appropriate.”
and visiting sister says “I wish you were in Winnipeg so we could go through the rest of my wardrobe.”

- Marian G., Ottawa and Fran S., Winnipeg (visiting sister)
Head To Toe Transformation

As a graphic designer, Nancy knows full well how important it is for a business to present the right image on paper, yet she was missing the mark when it came to her own image.

Nancy was lost in a wardrobe filled with frumpy, dumpy and unflattering clothes that reflected her desire to hide her body instead of enhancing her feminine curves. Often the case after childbirth and women hate their new bodies and feel totally lost in how to dress it properly.

“You helped me see how my wardrobe reflected a distorted self-image. Thanks PS for showing me how to dress the body I have now and lose 20lbs the easy way! I lost my sexy and you helped me bring it back.”

Celebrating A Milestone Birthday

Beth had the support of her family as she planned a head-to-toe makeover for her milestone birthday. She joined Image Club and took advantage of our BIRTHDAY promo; Beth and her family purchased time with Wilma at a preferred rate. Get inspired and learn more about her fantastic makeover by reading her chapter ‘Milestone Makeover’. Click on the page Image Club and look under Style Guide for Beth’s chapter and more.

“It takes a lot of courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, especially a new look, but I can tell you that the experience is totally worth it!

I love how I feel in my new clothes. I know I look stylish and put together and I have found new confidence. I had a bit of a struggle getting used to my new hair style and some of my clothes but now I look forward to trying new looks.

I never really enjoyed shopping before. After having two children my body just wasn’t the same and I did not know how to dress it. After spending two days shopping with Wilma I learned what looks best on my body and how to shop for deals at places like Winners. Now I try to etch in a little bit of time for me to shop for myself and it is fun!”

- Beth B.
Scaled Back “Einsteinian” Look​

“There are so many people walking around (me included) that cannot analyze themselves in an objective way as to how they are seen by others. We simply do not have that insight into ourselves. I’d had the same self-styled tired ‘look’ for too long. I didn’t realize I was giving the wrong messages about myself. I couldn’t have done this on my own; it would have been too radical a change, nor could I see that I need a new look. Wilma helped me accept it on a rational and psychological level. She intuitively sees the new you that you cannot see. She helped me feel important and you feel her compassion to help you. It was a great experience.

Everyone seemed to approve of this ‘new me’, including myself. This does wonders for one’s confidence and psyche giving me greater credibility in my business and personal life.

Next is my wardrobe and I’m excited to see what changes Wilma will make in my clothes closet. I sense I’ll gain even more confidence and style with her insight. Thank you PS!”

- Tony Hayton
Husbands Surprise Wives With A ‘Day With A Fashion Stylist’​

Christie had no idea that her husband arranged a ‘Day With A Fashion Stylist’ until Wilma walked into her kitchen. She was surprised!

“Spending a shopping day with a fashion stylist was such an awesome birthday gift. I highly recommend it. My husband loved all my purchases and my family was floored as I incorporated old pieces with new ones.”

One year later…

“I know your guidance will have an even greater impact in the upcoming months. I decided to just go for it and follow a life long dream of mine so I’m starting my modeling course next week. I’ve told so many people about my experience with you. I LOOOved it!”

- Christie-Leigh Macartney
Transform and Take Flight Into Your Life Coaching, Ottawa
Husband Caves

Husband caves in the last hour and tells his wife about his surprise gift. He’s hired fashion stylist, Wilma Haerkens and she will be knocking on our front door in an hour.

“My wife said and I quote: ‘That was the best birthday present ever.’ As much as this was my gift to her, it’s you who made this gift such a success. I would never have expected her to get as involved as she did!! Kudos to you for making her enjoy shopping anew! I was so happy that she’d had such a good time and so grateful to you for making it so much fun. Thank you for all the time and advice. It was well worth it. She learned a lot! She’s very happy with the gift and the service. She keeps telling everybody about it. One thing is for sure, you’ve certainly impressed us!”

- Jon L.
Wilma Surprise Showcase Makeover​

Wilma pushed this successful business owner out of his comfort zone in front of a live audience as he lost his ‘friar tuck’ look on stage at one of her showcases.

Definitely a memorable makeover for everyone as she pulled this unsuspecting gentlemen out of her audience. She know he was on the edge of making this change, but procrastination was no longer his friend! He was now challenged to face his fear and step out of his comfort zone.

He was delighted to hear such positive reactions from the audience as they yelled out “you look great!”, “it took 10 years off you” and “that’s much better!” Nice to get such an immediate response.

This ended up being a lasting transformation that initially can be very difficult for balding men to do. Wilma suggested he grow some facial hair which he has done and continues to sport his new look with confidence.

Words from Matthew….

“I really needed the push and I appreciate Wilma doing that. She reassured me that I would look younger, more confident and even sexier! What you told me was true; I see it now. Thank you Wilma for helping me see that I needed to make changes to my hair and wardrobe. I love my new image. I look at myself now and wonder why I didn’t do this years ago. I love my new look!”

- Matthew V.
Store Owner Brings Wilma To Her Clothing Boutique​

Douglas Moore Fashions in Renfrew treats clients to a day of shopping in their store with PS. This is what Douglas Moore clients had to say…

“I was very happy with the tips I received for my body type. I enjoyed my time with Wilma.”

“I was very pleased with my purchases and I get compliments on my new outfits.”

“I found the experience was fantastic and how respectful and helpful Wilma was. I like how Wilma allowed me to express myself first then suggested other outfits and tips.”

“I thought Wilma was very helpful.”

“I thought it was fun and found Wilma very friendly.”

“Wilma gave me tips to make her look taller. Next time Wilma goes to Douglas Moore I would invite my sister to come along.”

- Douglas Moore Fashions Customers
Styling Your Wardrobe

“I definitely feel more confident. After my wardrobe clearing and our shopping trip, I now know when something isn’t right for me. My new knowledge empowers me to save money by making better choices.

I no longer feel intimidated by stores filled with clothes. Thank you PS. I feel more in charge.”


“Your help on Saturday was actually priceless! Above and beyond. And the outfit you helped pick out was magnifique!

Thank you!

- Claudia H.
Moms Love Their Makeover Gifts Too!

“I presented my gift idea to her and she is VERY excited. She said she was up half the night thinking about it!” After the makeover she had this say, “The response was great. My dad said she looked 10 years younger!”

- Tamara W.
Too Busy To Shop

“Wilma Haerkens, is a Super Woman. I gave her a monumental task to pull together a wardrobe for a sales meeting at a very short notice. At the speed of light, Wilma exceeded my expectations by far! I felt so confident and successful at my meeting with my new hair style and makeover. She is truly my Super Woman and also, a warm, caring and highly creative individual.”

- Suzanne M.P. Arsenault
Looking Younger

“I just love my new do! People are continually commenting that I look years younger. Thanks Wilma for making me look as young as I feel!”

- Sheila M.
Getting Compliments

“I was surprised by all the compliments, those makeup tips are really helpful!”

Wake Up Call

“I really enjoyed your honesty with my wardrobe. I needed a wake up call. You gave me a new beginning and a great sense of freedom from my past.”

- Cindy
Limo Bus Trips

An excellent way to end a great day of shopping with a toast to friendship and sharing fun times.

“I would have to give it four (4) FUN’S UP!!!! Females + Fashions = Fabulous Fun!!!! It was fun finding ‘one of a kind’ pieces and good quality clothes at good prices. Had lots of fun, met some interesting women and YES I’d do it again. I just have one question: WHEN IS THE NEXT TRIP?????”

- Sharon F.
An Amazing Trip

“Thank you so much for an amazing trip. I had a blast. It was a fantastic event and it went off without a glitch, as per your style. I am very grateful to you and your wonderful organizational skills for putting this trip together. I got some awesome deals and had a terrific day. Boy, did I sleep well that night! I would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

- Sandy Freeman
TONS of Bargains!

“The shopping was so much more relaxing and stress-free than your typical retail shopping experience! So many wonderful shops and TONS of bargains! The restaurant where we had lunch was amazing! Friendly staff, delicious food, a wonderful menu, and a great deal! The entire day was filled with fantastic deals! The limo/bus ride was excellent! What a way to unwind after a long day of shopping! Wine and prizes on the bus ride home!”

- Talitha L.